The Best Tips For Preventing Gum Disease

Acworth Family Dentistry: Our Best Tips for Preventing Gum Disease Oral health stretches well beyond the straightness and brightness of your smile. Gum disease can slowly but surely take a toll on your dental health over time. Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease and causes your gums to

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10 Fun Facts About Your Teeth

10 Fun Facts About Your Teeth That Might Surprise You While many people tend to think of dental care as a boring chore, your teeth are incredibly essential to your overall health and daily body operation. There are also a number of interesting facts about your teeth and mouth you

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Your Next Dental Visit & COVID-19

What to Expect at Your Next Appointment with Acworth Center for Family Dentistry COVID-19 has changed the face of medical care all over the world. At Acworth Family Dentistry, we’re no exception. If you’ve visited our office in the last year, you know that things look differently than they used

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What Makes a Great Dental Assistant

What Makes a Great Dental Assistant? We love and appreciate our dentists for the work they do to keep patient oral health in check. And every great dentist needs at least one dental assistant by their side to keep operations running smoothly. Successful dental assistants are not only well-trained and

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