6 Month Braces

If you’re like many adults who feel self-conscious about crooked or misaligned teeth, but are worried about spending the time and money on traditional braces, then you might benefit from Acworth Family Dentistry’s 6-month braces program! These adult braces from Six Month Smiles® are designed to provide fast, easy, convenient alternatives to traditional braces ‐ providing you with straight, beautiful teeth in an average of just six months without the highly-visible appearance of traditional metal braces!

There are many benefits to 6-month braces, including:

  • Shortened treatment times to improve comfort and hygiene
  • Barely-visible clear brackets and tooth-colored wires
  • Fast, comfortable appointments
  • Affordability ‐ these adult braces are usually less expensive than traditional braces!

If you’re looking for cost-effective, fast alternatives to traditional braces, ask Acworth Family Dentistry’s team about our 6-month braces program. This orthodontic treatment is available for ages 15 and up! Call (770) 203-1711 for a consultation or contact us online to learn more.

Affordable Acworth-Area Adult Braces

How does our affordable adult braces program work? If we determine that you are an ideal candidate for Six Month Smiles®, we’ll use our tooth-colored wires and clear brackets to gently guide your teeth into place. Our 6-month braces program typically utilizes lower force than traditional braces, and is more comfortable and less painful. We’re able to get results so quickly because we put our focus on the teeth that are displayed when you smile. And because the program requires shortened treatment times, you won’t have to visit our office as frequently!

These short-term alternatives to traditional braces can change your smile ‐ and your life! Call us at (770) 203-1711 to schedule a consultation for 6-month braces. Six Month Smiles® can give you the confident smile you desire!

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