We provide high-quality orthodontic treatments for children and adults at our practice in Acworth, GA. Whether you need early/interceptive treatment for younger children or if you need fast, effective adult braces, our staff can provide the orthodontic care you need to have a healthy, beautiful smile!

Early Treatment for Children from an Experienced Acworth Orthodontist

Although the phrases “braces” and “orthodontics” are most often associated with teens and pre-teens, the correct age for a visit to an experienced orthodontist is no later than age seven. This is because your child’s teeth may appear to be straight; however, there may be potential problems occurring that an orthodontist can identify and address (e.g. overbite treatment). Early detection also enables us to provide orthodontic treatments for problems such as:

  • Detrimental oral habits
  • Problematic jaw growth
  • Trauma that may occur from protruding front teeth
  • Appearance of teeth
  • Ability to guide permanent teeth into desirable positions
  • Improving the way the lips meet

Provide your child with the best orthodontics and care! Call our Acworth, GA office at (770) 203-1711 or schedule an appointment online to see a skilled orthodontist!

Adult Orthodontic Treatments

At Acworth Family Dentistry, orthodontic treatments aren’t just for children! Many of our adult patients visit our in-house orthodontist to improve the appearance and alignment of their smiles! We offer advanced orthodontics for adults, including traditional braces and convenient, efficient 6-month braces.

It’s very important to receive proper orthodontics care, as a bad bite or misaligned teeth can lead to tooth decay, abnormal wear of enamel, or even gum and bone loss! But we use the latest dental technology to shorten treatment times, improve patient comfort and decrease the frequency of visits! Patients can choose from a variety of orthodontics options, including traditional metal braces, clear/ceramic braces, invisible aligners and a fast, affordable 6-month braces plan!

Call us at (770) 203-1711 to schedule an initial visit with our in-house orthodontist or contact us online to learn more about our orthodontic treatment options!

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