We offer a variety of comfortable, natural-looking dentures at our Acworth dental practice. Whether you’re looking for partial dentures (to fit small gaps) or conventional full dentures, Acworth Center for Family Dentistry’s in-house denture specialist will meet with you to talk about your budget and your needs. We have cost-effective dentures, customizable cosmetic dentures and more ‐ all available in a variety of materials to exceed your aesthetic goals.

We use the latest dental technology to provide you with natural-looking dentures that will enhance your health and the quality of your life. There are many benefits to receiving dentures, including improving your speech, your ability to chew your favorite foods and even to enhance your facial structure, as dentures can reduce the sagging of facial muscles.

Talk to our denture specialist about your needs ‐ call (770) 203-1711 or schedule an appointment online! We’ll go through your options with you to determine the best fit!

Visit an Experienced Denture Specialist in Acworth, GA

After we have created and personalized your natural-looking dentures, you will speak to our denture specialist about care and usage recommendations. As with any restorative dental treatment, it may take a little time to acclimate to any changes.

Depending on your case, our experienced team might suggest that you wear your dentures all of the time, including while you sleep, while you become accustomed to them. After some time has passed, our denture specialist might suggest removing them before you fall asleep, which allows your gum tissues to breathe and alleviates any pressure on the gums.

Our denture specialist might also suggest a specific diet for you to follow after we have provided you with a set of natural-looking dentures. This diet might include only soft foods at first, while allowing you to work solid foods into your diet over time. We will also discuss oral care to help keep your dentures sanitary, helping you to prevent potential staining and any build-up of bacteria.

Interested in receiving natural-looking dentures from our practice in Acworth, GA? Talk to our specialist about partial dentures or conventional full dentures, and we’ll determine the best treatment plan for you! We also offer a variety of dental financing options to make this procedure even more cost-effective. Call (770) 203-1711 or contact us online to learn more!

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