Laser Gum Reshaping (crown lengthening)​

Gums that come down too low can create what’s sometimes called a “gummy” smile, where the teeth look small. High gums make teeth look longer and in some cases can expose the root. Or the gum line can be crooked and uneven, exposing different amounts of each tooth. Laser gum reshaping is a way to sculpt them into a shape that the patient prefers.

What is Laser Gum Reshaping?

Gum reshaping is sometimes called gum contouringgingival sculpting, or gingivoplasty. It is dental surgery that either removes excess gum tissue or adds it on, depending on the needs of the patient. 

When gums come down too low, a cosmetic dentist or periodontist trims away some of the gum tissue. For receding gums or a higher than normal gum line, they attach tissue from somewhere else—usually the upper palate.

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